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Amena Butler

A Mixed-Media Artist based in Oklahoma City.  She grew up in Far-East Asia and that is where her art education began.  As a military child, education in the arts through an exchange program was Amena's introduction to Traditional Japanese printmaking and caligraphy along with other Asian arts and crafts. 


"It was an absolute blessing that I grew up in Asia, immersed in a different culture.  I was allowed to try  many different art mediums and was encouraged by my teachers to continue my studies.  I was never treated like an outsider, which made me always excited to learn new techniques: That continues for me today, I enjoy working with different mediums and techniques to capture a feeling, a visual language, with my art work." 


Amena graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a degree in Museum Studies.  "Art tells the history of a people, the story of a civilization, and is essential to improving the quality of life.  Art can communicate emotions for an individual."


Please visit Amena's Web Site

Marilyn Monroe
Beautiful Day
AoGin, Blue & Silver Treasure
Beauty at its Core
Big Kahuna
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20151117_000153_resized (2)
Bamboo 2
Emily Dickenson
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